Class35 + Lola Tech: working together to build digital businesses

3 min readMar 8, 2021

Over the last year we’ve got to know the team at Lola Tech well, and are pleased to formalise our partnership.

Since January 2018, Class35 has worked on a number of big programmes that deliver end-to-end change for clients, understanding rapidly shifting customer needs and building the products, platforms and services to address them.

Over that time, we’ve got used to combining our strategic design, product and technology capability with third parties to make sure the digital products we create capture their full market potential. As the challenges have become bigger and more varied, it is a logical move for us to increase our capacity and expertise. In Lola we are delighted to have found a technology partner that also shares our commitment to challenging thinking and to rewarding client relationships.

As well as joining forces on client programmes we are making a commitment to knowledge sharing between our teams, and to refining our methods, approaches and delivery cultures as one team.

Between us we deliver end-to-end change for our clients — shaping new product strategies and the future-state organisations that underpin them, and delivering them by combining digital product, design and technology expertise within agile, cross-functional teams.

“I am very excited to be working with Lola’s 100-strong team. Not only are they genuine experts in delivering mission-critical technology platforms, but they have an enterprising and direct approach that I really admire. We’ve shared similar journeys and are very aligned on the ‘big questions’ — how to look after our people and clients, and how to deliver a different and better answer to the big technology providers that deliver cookie cutter programmes.” Nick Parminter, Founding Partner at Class35.

“This partnership gives us deep insight into the strategic activities that usually precede our delivery work. I appreciate Class35’s no-nonsense and clear approach and am delighted to have started working together on some ambitious projects to help our customers get the most out of their digital journeys.” Inge Cuypers, CEO at Lola Tech.


About Class35

Class35 is a London-based consultancy that designs digital businesses. It helps clients to evolve to meet the changing needs of customers by understanding latent market needs and creating the digital products, services and brands to address them.

Class35 is trusted by some of the fastest growing scale-ups, large corporates and private equity funds looking to unlock profitable growth.

About Lola Tech

Lola Tech builds enterprise-level, cloud-based solutions by providing productive cross functional teams. Based in London, UK and Cluj, Romania (the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Eastern Europe) its 100-strong team works with clients all over the world.

Lola Tech combines the depth of experience of a 10-year-old tech firm with the passion, innovation, drive and flexibility of a start-up.


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