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3 min readMar 11, 2021


We are looking for people to join us on our mission.

Our mission hasn’t changed much since we started in 2018.

First, we wanted to create a business that was optimised to do good work for clients. This meant removing all of the noise and nonsense that gets in the way in design agencies and consultancies — the legacy in the business model, the white-washing of client outputs, the over-statement of credentials, the over-codification of methods, and misincentivisation of sales — and instead build a people-first model.

Second, we wanted create a business that was fit for modern client challenges. To prove to ourselves and our industry that it is absolutely possible to combine the best of design agencies (the culture, the comfort with ambiguity, the attention to craft, the obsession with customer problems, the making) and consultancies (the business model intuition, the understanding of how stuff works practically within organisations, the ability to simply complexity, to manage change, the work ethic).

We knew the only way to do this was by design — to create a 3rd category that isn’t quite a traditional design agency and isn’t quite a traditional consultancy — where both disciplines are born equally and complement each other within a single culture, to the benefit of clients. That is, a modern consultancy, designed around messy client challenges, and built from the ground up to do great work.

We’ve got off to a good start, working on big projects, with massively growing companies, and our work has mostly been measurable in £ outcomes.

But we’ve now reached a turning point. We know who we are. We know what we’re good at. And we have an ever-strengthening belief that we are building a better way.

So, now it’s time to build on this traction and to grow. So, we are looking for new, senior leaders to join us.

We are not shy in our ambition. We want to build the best senior talent bench in the market (on the messy front-line of the design agency / consultancy convergence) — and to give them the platform to win work, build their brands, and get rewarded for the value they create — alone, and together.

The proposition from us is quite simple — come in, do good work, help us build the place, help to shape our culture, take client risks you’ve not been able to, build project teams you’ve not been able to, and get to do it all with a package that properly rewards you for your contribution.

That’s the good news. The less good news is that we’re being picky.

You’ll be expected to bring in clients, lead accounts, oversee delivery.

So we’re looking for people who:

  • Can span at least 2 of — growth/customer strategy, innovation, strategic or service design, digital product design and build, go-to-market or brand disciplines
  • Have experience shaping, winning and delivering work (in above disciplines)
  • Have a proven network of clients and practitioners
  • Are comfortable “landing and expanding”
  • Are comfortable managing teams of senior practitioners to ensure quality outcomes
  • Are happy to get hands dirty as practitioner yourself at least 50% of the time (across one or two accounts, not in 1/2% increments!)

It would also be great if:

  • You’re happy to represent C35 (and yourself) as a thought leader
  • You can develop an area of practice / a new vertical
  • You can engage the practitioner community
  • You can support internal operational and culture initiatives

Interested? Send a note to to kick off the process.